Monday, March 3, 2008

The Way to Sell....

Yeah, I will admit that in order to really do well (at least when it comes to selling artwork - especially comic art) you have to post images on a real regular basis to drum interest in what you're working on. I have seen enough trade magazines out there to know that is what drives a number of mediocre artist to really sell their work and make a decent living off of it. I want that for my company, my characters and for my future wife and possible family.
Why not. So along with that here are a few more tid bits from the first issue of Johnny Vega -in color! In these images will see a number of other supporting characters around Johnny.
One of which has been already mentioned which Jd'rel. She started on the very first mission with Johnny and will continue on for a time with him. She at first was to be a background character with cat like characteristics but the more I drew her the more I had to have involved with the main character. A lot of my characters verge on side of furry art. Ok, I admit there is a interest in that sub culture but I don't dress up in a fur lined suit and well... if you know anything about them I won't go there.
There are a lot references to Bast with her and her race. More will be revealed in time about them.
Fire power is where I wanted to show that action is a part of the book. It isn't all about the implied sexual overtones (though that is kinda fun to write) comics are about bigger than life and Johnny is going to get to that point very fast. Johnny is surrounded by Corvis Corrax, a crow like humanoid and Johnny best friend and of course Jd'rel.
The last image is of Johnny and Jd'rel together realizing that they see something in eachother that lasts through out this story and into several others down the road.

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