Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Puyallup and back again

Well there sports fans Al here with the latest:
The third issue of Pandora’s Garage is finally out and ready for sale. And in my opinion, it’s about time too! Having missed a show in Washington to sell I was a little bugged that the books could have not have been here sooner but that is why you have to plan in advance for these problems, this one was just another learning step along the way of doing things.
But it is here and here is the address for it and the previous two for the collection. I still have to find what happened to the website that I had posted Pandora’s Garage is at because they are not showing on the site for
It is at times like this that I wish the on line companies would keep us vendors appraised of the changes taking place in their system that might keep people from seeing the product.
Having empathy for your customers is something everybody needs to keep in mind.
But aside from that glitch, thing have been pretty good. I had a blast traveling out of town to the land north in Puyallup Washington. Again it seems like this is the place to sell artwork at, whether it be comic books or actual art but all of it good.
An original piece of art was handed off to Adam of Darkslinger Comics and then shortly there after another page of scratchboard (page 10 out of the Pandora’s Garage Volume 5) took off to find another home. that makes two page from that book to venture out into the world from it’s creator.
The Destination was Comic Evolution with the catch phrase “Have you evolved?” being on the lips of several people. Again it has to be one of the coolest shops I have been in and the owner Chuck is one of the nicest people you ever meet.
One of the big change ups for this show was the two readings taking place in the store one by Tony Morgan and his collaborator Anthony and the other from an editior of Planet Lovecraft reading a bit from a zombie story.
I will have to say that the most interesting part of the trip was the end part as both Adam and I sold a few comics at a rest stop as we were heading home.
Again a great time!