Sunday, October 25, 2009

Printing Woes (again) and other Projects

Is there something in the air?
I have to wonder sometimes with all the cascading things going on right now with printing.
One of the worse things a comic creator and company ever wants to ever hear from a printer is “You have corrupted files”.
Well this was something I as wanting to hear for anyone else let alone for myself but here it is.
One of the key issues of working with others is communication and I have tried desperately to get that point across to others and only a few people really understand that concept.
I wish I could get that point across to printer. Some of less savvy artistic types aren’t blessed with the mathematical mind set to deal with code or understand the techy talk.
But that aside, the third issue of JOhnny will be printed up one way or another.
That is good thing the worry of having printed up and here before the 7th of November is a whole different thing.
Also in the news, the Box will be meeting up with a possible new editor to help with the transition of the issues of Pandora’s Garage into it’s new collection. That I have high hopes for.
Amongst all that, work is being prepped for the commission piece for Darkslinger Comics and work on fourth issue of Vega and layouts for the gothic horror story “Dreams of Elysium” have both worked on at the same time.
A busy time for me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Month down and New Stuff

Well sports fans it has been nearly a month since I last posted and I have been under a great strain to get things done as well as move the office of Black Box Comix to a new location here in Portland Oregon.
Actually not that hard to do really when a lot of things are already done digitally but there are some new thing to rave about:

1) The third issue of Johnny Vega goes out today to the printers at Ka-blam printing. Yeah! Finally after a long look at a lot of the pages and the urging of a fan, there needed to be more backgrounds in the book so I took nearly two months (not counting time for other art projects to be worked on) reworking these images as well as adding more depth to the characters. Definitely a few steps up from the days when I was working on Johnny Vega in color #1.

2) Nearing the completion of The Garage Chronicles: A collection of Pandora’s Garage Volumes 1 though 5. This project has been a major undertaking as I have had to resize the format of the book and and add more pages to the book. The funny thing is as I was redoing the format I came across printed oddity, I had early on with Pandora, managed to reprint a duplicate page twice! The first true page appears in volume 2 on page 23 and then reprinted in volume 3 on page 14. You can imagine my shock that of all the people who have read and bought the book never made mention of it to me. Of course this has lead to speculation whether or not I I should have my own version of a Johnny Vega “No Prize” like marvel use to have back in the sixties and early seventies.
That is still under work.

3) Grand opening of a new comic Shop here in the PDX area called All About Heroes. Took place off of 107th and Holgate. If there was ever and action figure that you were looking for this would be the place to go.

4) Emerald City ComiCon beckons to the Box again for next year. As we have been working closely with Darkslinger Comics over the last year, we have doubled up and sharing the table cost and splitting the fees since times are tough. Show a little solidarity for each other. But this has turned to be a very cool partnership with the ride being supplied right to the place where we need to be and and the company along for the ride as well as co pilot. Though this kid does have a tendency to nod off early in the evening.

So there you have it. New news and events, new comics! Go read!