Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another long time

One of the things that has always been a fascination with comics is how do you illustrate something that you can't really see?
Its been a problem with Johnny Vega Man of the Future.  And Corrax: the Seeker isn't any different.  Its always a problem but in this case with the world or rather the universe of Man of the Future.  And with so many baddies out there with mind control and force of will I needed a character that could deal with them and show off at the same time.
Corvis was the perfect choice with this.  The huge back log of information from Vega and his eventual end, Corrax had to fill the void.  There has always been a great amount of interest in Corvis so after his initial psionic awaking because of Vega partially I had to follow up with something after his dealing with the Albino.
I will say that Corvis is a much more colorful character than Vega.  He always has been. That's why I decided to go with him instead of back pedaling with Vega coming back into the public view.  When you start bringing a character starts elevating to near demi god status you need to drop it down to something a little more manageable.