Sunday, July 26, 2009

Images of Books to come

Hey there sport fans, Al here with the latest:
Things have been working fast and furious for the Box over the last couple months and show no sign of stopping either.
Scratchboard seems to be the way to go as far as artwork so I am looking to focus on that but the work on Johnny Vega continues on. And won’t stop until the story will it is done.
This is a currently un printed image of Rantings of the Floating Brain page three. 11”X17” Airbrush on Scratchboard and traditional Illustration. The Original is and has been sold at a March of Dimes event up in Puyallup Washington last weekend.
I was pretty stoked about that.
But I still have four other pages to go.
But will be printed up in the up coming Garage Chronicles. a collection of Pandora’s Garage volumes 1 - 5.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Page closer

There are times when things get within the closing distance of a project and you realize that what you have accomplished is best damn thing you have ever put together.
Well that is the way I feel about this project.
I hope it shows.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Page

Since Johnny vega has become...
The story grows and continues onward. I can only hope that most people will be checking out the story as it continues on. I know only the collection of the stories will really set people right about this character but I also know that it will only be after two collections of Vega are brought forth. Of this I am sure. At least that is the market as it stands here in Portland (an I suspect a lot of other places too.)
I also suspect that once a third copy of the collection is brought to bare that other factors may be tapped as well. We’re talking animation deals and the like.
I really think that Vega taps into the adventure of outer space but at the core of the character though it doesn't read like that with the first couple of issues that Vega is a modern space age hero with very real problems and human foibles, it’s evolution that has different plans for Vega.
So you heard it first.

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