Saturday, March 8, 2008

Other books to check out from the BOX

Well today I wanted to up load a couple of older cover of Black Box Comix has already made. Volumes 1,2 and 3. These were a pivotal and crucial part our work. The first book that you ever put together is always the hardest because you don’t know if you are putting it together right. Lots of self doubt to say the least. But I thought that the color pencil drawing (along pen and ink) would make a cool image of the gas station) would catch people’s eye. It did but not the way I thought. I had many people ask me where I got the image from. They were surprised that I had just came up with it on my own.
The second issue is a bit easier to deal with but now, as a company we didn’t want to be just a flash in the pan which I have seen way to many times by going through and looking Previews catalogue that comes out every month. Consistency was part of the game. The second issue did run into it’s separate problems like loosing the thumb drive that had the entire second issue on it. But I managed to get that all back quickly and lo and behold there is issue two. Cover was originally drawn by Daniel Barton but I had a heavy hand modifying the cover. Color wasn’t Dan’s strongest suit still came out okay as I also inked over his original drawing scanned it in. His take on the garage theme was a little different than I had originally thought but it worked out okay.
The third issue was a both easy and hard at the same time. Deadlines and the potential other artist that I had worked with coupled with Daniel getting back into school really complicated things for me. BUT knowing that people’s best intentions are exactly what they are, an intention. So from the beginning, I had started planing to make a fully loaded Alan Bennett back up issue. As it turned out Dan’s class schedule couldn’t allow him to work on anything and our other contributor couldn’t bring himself to rework his pervious work. But I will say this, there were no hard feelings and we remain friends to this day.
The cover was interesting bit of digital magic as I began to explore what I could do more with Photoshop CS2. It was nice to know that old images that I had drawn were able to be used. This was also the beginning of learning what was needed for the Johnny Vega coloring as well.
I personally think that this is the best cover of Pandora’s Garage run (so far) but I know that could just be ego talking too.


janniemay said...

Terrific images of the Pandora's covers! The inside information on what it takes to write, draw, produce and publish your own book is really interesting. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look.
You rock!

black box comix said...

Thanks man. I really appreciate the support. There is definately lots of things left for me to do.