Saturday, August 30, 2008

Johnny Images from 2 and 3

Updates for the latest of Black Box Comix. Well sports fans here ya go, the second issue of Johnny Vega - Man of the Future is on it’s way to the printer as we speak. The arrival of the burned disk is being waited on right but I have told that they are looking forward to seeing the book.
So I thought I would go ahead and post a few jpegs of the second issue and post a couple of the preliminary images being developed for the third issue. This is a very productive time for the Box. The third issue of Johnny Vega and the fifth issue of Pandora’s Garage as well could be a very good year.
My editor L. Rowan Watson has been pointing out that a small inexpensive web site availability is at hand and,I, for one will be looking at this new possibility for getting a presences up so people could take look and actually buy the books when they felt up to going on the web to buy.
So keep your fingers crossed for us!

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Images , new project

These are new images that are going to be printed up later this year in either another copy of Pandora's Garage or a seperate book. But my goal is to make something that is being used much these days because of the process which it takes to make. Scratchboard is one of those mediums that isn't used much these days, 'cept maybe in Europe. It has a feel like old wood block printing and is perfectly suited to a horror story.
The Misguided story originally printed in Pandora's Garage Volume 3 was done more as a traditional black and white story. However this time I wanted it to take on a much different look and feel for what I was telling as a story. Hopefully, I will have this ready by the time October roles around.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Cover, new book

Well work on the second issue for johnny Vega is in final preparation for being sent off to Ka-Blam for printing. As with everything the internet is not a perfect thing and is not as intuitive as some tech heads might tell you. But regardless of this imperfect world as one of my heroes says, there it is. Johnny Vega makes the jump from drawn and digital to full digital. Oh yes there is still some of the actual hand drawn layouts being done for getting the feel of the story but everything else is digital.
The two covers here are some of the example of what I had to do "fix" issue two for the jump. Story wise the second issue cover in green was actually completed before the second issue was ever really done so there was mass amount of continuity errors in the illustration of Johnny and what is supposed to be a teaser for a reader to pick up the book. It'll never be a prefect process but it'll have to do until there can hardwire my brain to Photoshop CS whatever.