Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christmas time of year!

A lot of things are happening for the Box and Johnny Vega . Issue 4 is in a holding pattern until I am finished with the crossover with Darkslinger Comics. This is to say that that #4 is not been edited or anything, far from it.
The base colors have completed but the finishes and the back grounds are now being held up on.
But that’s okay.
Work still progresses. Currently issue ten is being scripted and thumb nailed out . that say a lot when a series is being looked forward that far in advance.
But hard work and getting thing printed is where I am at right now.
Fun stuff but hard work as well.
There is also a Corrax solo story that I have been working on as well.
But that will be set up long in advance and won’t be seen for a while.
Johnny is the focus for now.
Have a good Christmas.