Sunday, October 16, 2011

BBC Update 10/16/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

October begins to move the center of the month ending with HALLOWEEN! 
It is my favorite part of the year and my favorite non holiday when you could be anyone you wanted to be.  A spirit, a historical figure or movie star. 
Though I have been a few people who have dressed up as a concept rather than a person or monster.  Although I find this clever,  I like monsters!
  Anyway if Halloween could happen all year round,  I would be a happy camper.

Another commission completed early this week moving onto the next.  A tattoo design.    Onward to a Fallmen sticker design and a private "Joker Pencil Trick" Illustration.  It has been pretty cool with these and between Gallery work.


As you can see more secular pieces of work are coming down the pike and I don't plan to stop anytime soon.  And the rendering is getting better and better.  This latest batch of work is for friends.  Not necessarily  something for Christmas Presents but a "thank you for your support".
Now there a lot of people who like my work and have said that would buy it if they had the money for it.  And these people are my friends.  But the presents I am illustrating are more for people who have been around durring times that have been very challenging for me.  My artistic ablity is a way of showing my thank you.

Friday, October 7, 2011

BBC Update 10/9/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

THE BIG 200 SHOW, 2011:

Now you have heard me talk about the BIG 100 Show of last year with four out of five 8"X8" scratchboard pieces being sold again giving validation  to the work which was not a fluke after the commissions from the Fallmen from previous year.
Before the end of this  year 20 pieces of art alone for gallery work (not counting the commissions or the comic pages) were completed.
Not bad for a guy working a  9 to 5 kinda job. 
Now its to see if I can begin to make a living doing what I love to do.


  Well the crossover continues with a looming deadline.  I knew that once I had the script in hand from Jason I knew I would have  to out the best work I could.  And that is happening right now.  Here is a few updated pages of this book.

  In working closely with the guys from NEOtrash Comix, the one thing that has been said is that it rocks when you have something new to show at the Table for a particular show.  Nothing is truer than that!    With the brown bag P.F.B.  Proved that at this years Jet City show in Seattle. 
  Well the first on  deck will be the War Ram mini.  It was unfortunate that this  project never made it out to the shows this year but it doesn't mean I stopped doing them.  Ah hell no.  Those little books do well for me.   
  The second book on deck is a collected book of scratchboard illustrations from the last two years.  It is tentatively called Scratch Pad. 
This volume would hold all the images of last years images from the BIG 100 and this years BIG 200 + the smaller images from the last couple comic book shows.
  I think it would be a great calling card as a friend of mine told me a couple weeks ago.
  I think she was right about that. 
  At the beginning of the year there is another Corpse Cop book in the works that includes a new scratchboard rendition of the original Corpse  Cop mini story AND a brand new 12 page story of "Arctic Wolf". 
Things are picking up with scratchboard as well as the commissions as well.  But first on the list, Scratchboard. Lots of scratchboard work to be had.  

  As with any main character arc, Vega is looking at the possibility of change.  Just compare the original black and white character of ten years ago to the character in the color comics of today. 
Big changes.    Now the Origin Story.  Y'know the one that sets everything in motion.  Of course I won't pull a George. Lucas Maneuver and literally "remarking"  my beloved character.  No, I won't do that but I am planning on putting a spin on the classic space opera hero.  Flash Gordon was my templet now it was time to improve on that.
  He won't have Midi-chlorians to tell you who is imbued with the force but there might be a dark side to Johnny that we haven't seen yet.  It goes to the core what a hero is.  A perfect man is boring An imperfect character is much more interesting.
  And there you have it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

BBC Update 10/2/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with latest:

Well this is the beingging of a momentious month and after a one week after the successful show of Jet City last week.
This week the show of the 88 STRONG came in. My work along with two other of my friends Dan DePaulo and Tony Morgan shared the space with 88 other artists in the list.

It was a great turn out with beer and spirits being inbibed and art being bought. I have no idea if any of my peices sold but I no matter I made an impression upon the curators of the show by being one the first to have my art ready to go for the show.
I think that says a lot about my ablity to illustrate as well as paint.
And I took that drive with the following art that I have been producing to heart with the other show that I had been invited to participate in, the BIG 200 at the People’s Art of Portland’s Gallery

With this gallery work completed, things are moving forword with the crossover well as another page rolls away from the drafting table and is scanned for conversion. The goal is to have the book completed by Halloween. But I cansay this with certianity thaqt the crossover of Werid Atomic Tales will be ready by the time E.C.C.C. comes around.
Of course the only thing that could hold up my time table is a commision of some type and fortunately (or unfortunately however you look at it) could put out production work out of wack.
I just hope that this doesn’t happen.