Thursday, March 20, 2008

Printer woes

Well yesterday was swell as far as finding out information about the on line comic printer that I have been having issues with. Some of the questions that I have been having were answered by KA-Blam's on line web log. But not everything. So there was a comment box listed to respond to the posting but remarkably when I went to post it I was denied.
Not a great way of dealing with customers.

Here was my response to this posting by them:

This answers at least one of the questions I had about the printing process but still there was a question of customer service.  Kinda open ended I know, but I am not talking about the physical printing of the book or even the pricing issue.  I clearly understood that aspect of printing and planned months in advance that there will always be some kind of and problem, natural or man made.
But what I have a problem (as comic company) with was the fact that as soon as an order was generated AND that order was paid in full, in  advance of the printing and the verification process there was no response of anykind.
Over a year ago I had several issues, no pun intended, that were answered quickly and taken care of as well.  That service has disappeared.
Interaction and communication is key for any business to thrive. I hope the other issues that I have as a small company can worked out to my satisfaction,  because I do like this company.

But of course this is a mute point since I couldn't respond to their posting. It just was a little more fuel to the fire for this issue that Black Box Comix is dealing with. If my company ever makes enough money I'll buy my own press and print the entire book in house. But I can tell you this that I wouldn't over extend myself in this matter.

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