Sunday, August 28, 2011

A month out but back now.

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:


The art continues but doubt of making it to print by the time Jet City Comic Book show rolls around, I do not think I could have a completed piece of work that would be to both Jason's and my liking.  That book deserves to have the best possible look.
We have waited this far just a little longer for the books release.
It will be work it, trust me.


One of the hardest types of artwork to do and create is a piece for friends.  And even more so for friends who also play DnD.  And have been a former DnD'er I know how particular players are when it comes to visual renditions of their characters. 
SO this was a daunting task for me to take on.
But as the my birthday approached I was able to bulldog my way through to a finished piece that I was happy with.
The funny thing is that in the last 15 years that I had been associated with this particular group of friends (whom I would call my family in a way) I had done other images of older characters in the game campaign. 
So really this was not something that was new to me but my artistic style had grown and I was being paid for this so that put a different spin on things in a big way.
But it is done and of course one image opens into others as now I have another commission for a sticker coming up for the FALLMEN again which is about the most steady commission work I got going for myself.  But it also opened up the possibility for other work another band as well.    So we'll see where that goes.
The Reading on the run here is with the proud owner of the scratchboard hanging on the wall. I love seeing people with the work that they have purchased. It makes me proud and validates the work.


  Work has increased as the deadline looms away for about two weeks. I should have no problem with that but the following month in October the BIG 100 we’ll see what happens.