Sunday, September 13, 2009

A new page for JV#3

Well here is another page down, a couple more left to do. At this rate, I might wanta start putting up pages on the internet so people could read the book that way. I know it can be done but still haven’t figured out how to post and get paid for it at the same time.
My friend from Darkslinger Comics, Adam Watson, has his work for “Ghost Assassin” posted to buy.
I am still brand new to that kind of work but I would love to get Johnny up there.
This page is #8 out of 24 for issue three. With half of the book already being done from about pages 11 up, it should be easy to get done, but every time I have said something like that I always get tripped up.
With myself and Black Box Comix relocation, several projects are on hold as packing takes precedence over everything else.
It’s again, because once you have gotten settled nobody likes to move again.
But I keep plugging away on the book. It’s look great.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Grand Opening

One of the few things that I like when I have the chance is to check out a new comic shop that I never have been to. And Especially when you have been invited to show and sell your artwork in the process.
Yes, it is like taking candy from a baby but art whores are always gunning for the best way to get (easy) money back for their work. Today will be no different.
I would imagine that a comic shop would be like a street corner for vendors (whores) and collectors (the johns).
Of course I am sure that not everyone is in agreement about this but oh well, don’t be so damn touchy.
But again hanging out in a comic shop and being a nerd is always fun. And if I make some sales in the process of even better, that's what I am hoping for.
That’s what any real creator is looking to do and have people buy and laud over your work.
I am keeping my fingers crossed today.