Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A new LOGO

With a couple new books already underway and two big shows (at least in my opinion) coming up I felt that it was time to update a logo that I designed over ten years ago, the Black Box Comix logo. The Black Box was a reference to what survives a major crash of a airplane. The same was true of the former company that I was a part of, Glass Rhino Press.
The Rhino was a great iconic image of power and the use of red, black and white. But for all the power it has the rhino is nearly blind and reacts with a charge gouging anything in it’s way.
Take note: when you are developing a company identity make sure that the name is easy to remember and speak. As they say “all in a name”. I could mention several companies that started out strong and went belly up within a couple of years. Never use a name of an extinct animal no matter how cool it was or sounds. It’s just a bad idea.
Little know fact was that the Rhino crashed and burned just before a the very first show that we were already committed to but one of partners could as he said to me months later “afraid of success”. I know a lot of people would scoff at that but I find that is more true as I get older. Once you succeed you have to produce or no one will ever take you seriously.
I just hope that wisdom comes from what I have learned from the experience. Only now the box has been upgraded and I think for the better.

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