Sunday, May 8, 2011

April is month of Change

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest:

NEWS FLASH!  IT's Mother's Day you geeks.  Call your moms!  For some I already know the stories.  Even if you have bad blood appreciate those who are close to you and say thank you for a gift of life. 



Kicks into gear this month As a third of the rough pencils are completed for the crossover.  This means by the end of this month I should be able to start finished pencils and begin inking as well.  Cool stuff for a smack down action book.
  I can't wait to start in on that process. 


While cleaning the studio I came back across the ORIGIN of Johnny Vega - Humble Beginnings.      As so much of Vega is a homage to the Sci-Fi I love so much (with just a hint of parody added) I plan on turning out a definitive Johnny Vega collection that tells of his actual origin up through the updated first four books of the Man of the Future.  All of this was at the urging of my latest editors from Darkslinger Comics, Kathryn Meyers and publisher Adam Watson. 
  They have been helpful with the sell out of the Scratchboard Corpse Cop in Seattle at the Emerald City ComiCon 2011 and the latest Stumptown here in Portland.     
The jpeg is a copy of the script with several notations off to the side to denote how many panels per page (pages 11 and 12) and which direction each page is facing. I love post its!

  As I have said before once the once the Crossover of the Take of Two Johnny's was completed I would focus on the scratchboard galley pieces to work on.  One of the biggest issues with all art work is Presentation.  It's not just enough to have great talent and being humble of your work but it's also the ability to see beyond that creative process to let it go out into the World and be appreciated by others.
  Not always the easiest thing to do.

So there you have it.  A update for the box.  Keep watching as there may be more in the works as Black Box looks to redefine itself on the web with it's website presence.


Randy said...

Rock on man!

I seriously think you must be the hardest working creator in independent comics. Hell comics in general!

Keep up the amazing work, man!

black box comix said...

Thanks Randy man. I try real hard to follow up the best that I can. This artist barely has time to relax. Even over a cold couple of pints and a full plate of food, this kid is working his ass off!
It never stops!

B.J.K. said...

I would be very excited to see your scratch boards up at at gallery show.

Keep on truckin my friend.