Sunday, October 2, 2011

BBC Update 10/2/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with latest:

Well this is the beingging of a momentious month and after a one week after the successful show of Jet City last week.
This week the show of the 88 STRONG came in. My work along with two other of my friends Dan DePaulo and Tony Morgan shared the space with 88 other artists in the list.

It was a great turn out with beer and spirits being inbibed and art being bought. I have no idea if any of my peices sold but I no matter I made an impression upon the curators of the show by being one the first to have my art ready to go for the show.
I think that says a lot about my ablity to illustrate as well as paint.
And I took that drive with the following art that I have been producing to heart with the other show that I had been invited to participate in, the BIG 200 at the People’s Art of Portland’s Gallery

With this gallery work completed, things are moving forword with the crossover well as another page rolls away from the drafting table and is scanned for conversion. The goal is to have the book completed by Halloween. But I cansay this with certianity thaqt the crossover of Werid Atomic Tales will be ready by the time E.C.C.C. comes around.
Of course the only thing that could hold up my time table is a commision of some type and fortunately (or unfortunately however you look at it) could put out production work out of wack.
I just hope that this doesn’t happen.


divinion said...

Incredible work Allen. You never cease to amaze. Absolutely inspired work flows from within your psyche.

black box comix said...

There will be a collection of some small kind thanks in part to my friend Brooke Mossefin. One of her hand made books inspired me to make something like that.