Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BBC Update 9/20/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:


As Jet City Comic book show fast approaches, work continues on this great crossover.  Inking and penciling background details continue on a regular pace.  I am hoping by the Halloween rolls around that the book will be completed.    But I will add this tid bit.  This work will eventually see color.  And presented in the chronology of Johnny Vega. 
This is an exciting time for Vega (and me) as his true origin has been written down and laid out with good ol' Postits.
My game plan is by the time the crossover is completed and gallery work is in it's selected shows,  the whole Johnny Vega run will be  not only plotted out but laid out as well.
This is ambitious plan but I think it merits the character.  I mean seriously when you think about it Vega has in fact been in three different cross overs over the years (The Glass Rhino Red Book-an ashcan, The Ghost Assassin/Johnny Vega Crossover with Darkslinger Comics and Tale of Two Jo(h)nnys with NEOtrash Comix). 
What's this say about this space ranger?
He may not have the marquee value of say of Corpse Cop but he does have staying power, like no other character I have ever worked on before.
I will keep you updated on his progress.


Well by the time you read this blurb the 88 STRONG Show should be within a few days.  A grand event of Portland Oregon's artists showing off theIr diverse interpretation of 88 different theme terms.  Of those picked
“Cowboys & Aliens” - two of them.  “F€$%ing Blazers”, “Earthquake”, ”Noose or Necktie”, “Bikers”,  “Fiend or Polio” and “China”.
at http://poboyart.com/ OR their Facebook profile http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001148136393&ref=ts
In the month of November The BIG 100 will take place.  Of this you have seen Braincage,  Cowboys & Aliens2, Faries, With this I Could..., World on Fire. 
These are five of Ten I have currently competed.  Another five are on there way.  When I ran into one of the. Curators of the BIG 100 he was surprised that I had so many pieces already done.  But since no one else does scratchboard work like moi,  it was time to set myself away from the rest of the pack.
But I will let you be the judge of the work.

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