Sunday, September 4, 2011

BBC Update 9/04/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Well with a small break in the inking and pencil transfers for the Ultimate crossover for Weird Atomic Tales painting took center stage and cranked out a hard 8 acrylic painting for the upcoming 88 STRONG show taking place later this month.
Now the funny thing is that same guys who earlier this year put on the PORTLAND LOVE SHOW 2011 and after the BIG 100 so one part of the yea is usually filled with a lot of gallery work. 
But a friend of mine named Joel Barber has offered a place at the GLOBE for a Monster themed show.  Now doing some types of monsters are easy (Werewolves in particular) zombies.  Corpse Cop comes to mind in this.
But of course when I am working on a monster it gotta be and look serious.  Like this SOB could mess you up in a real bad way.
With that we'll see what comes out of this twisted mind of mine.


Now even though the book is not done for Jet City Comic Book Show 2,  I believe it will be ready by the time ECCC 2012 rolls around. Take a look at a few of these pages and gage what this monster is gonna look like when it is done!


Well it looks like this is still going on with smaller pieces of art being produced for tattoo designs and stickers.
One tattoo design has more or less been asked of me to add my artistic embellishment to it. 
The other is a design to incorporate a surgery scar into the design without making it looking like some reed growing out of the buttcrack. 
The last on the docket is a sticker design for the FALLMEN.


Well with the painting finished with the 88 STRONG Show there is still a urge to continue working with paint. Now I had planned about 6 years ago to start painting but other art projects like creating and plotting Vega had side stepped me to finish those stories and print up the Eugene Comics Guild books titled Guilded Edges and Pandora’s Garage. I had purchased a couple of canvases but never finished them up. Well it looked like it was time to bust out the canvas again. Color used to frighten me but not any longer. And the size either. I have dealt with the size issue. I still will work small when I am plotting out pages for books but they will be enlarged when I have to and the same is true of painting as well as any of the scratchboard work I have.
Ambitious? You bet. But you can’t be a great artist if you never try.

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