Sunday, July 24, 2011

BBC Update 7/24/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

So it begins... The inking.  Now for some inking has been reduced to a all to common phrase from a movie (in particular Chasing Amy) "You're just a tracer." Every single comic illustrator I know and writer has heard this or have been the subject of being a tracer.

As the artist of the work and your finishing it, are you,   in fact, at that time still a tracer?  I would have to say yes you are.
Now that being said I can say - like Banky - I am the finish artist.
Every artist I have come across has a different way of approching the inking as they do the penciling.  I leave my pencils pretty loose when I'm drawing because I haven't figured out where the light source  is coming from or it has not been specified in the script.  And then there is the background to keep the work grounded.

The other thing is size.  Inking defines a character.   I'm not the greatest penciler out there but I am a competent one but inking is a while different story.  Weight of a ink line for a penciled page goes a long in definition. 

It was one of those things that helped Jack Kirby become forever immortalized along with his body of work and layout style.
I will never be that close to be like Jack unless I had the kind of support that he had cranking out the pages. But finding that someone is still very illusive.
Reguardless the deadline looms in the distance. And with every passing minute that much closer. 
But great work comes with time.   And so far this has been a great work.
Things are still looking good.

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