Sunday, July 10, 2011

BBC Update 7/10/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:


  Its not what you think it is there true believers. (apologies Stan).   This gathering of artists for the month of July and America's Independence Day was artist showing guns featured in their art work.
Earilier this year Black Box Comix show cased the Corpse Cop “Corpsecilce” story board art. And had a lot of positive feedback. This time I wanted to present the work a little more than art pieces stuck up on the wall at Globe.
  Now since Corpse Cop, everybody's favorite cop of the undead just happens to have a chain gun, it made sense to show him.
The piece that will feature him rendered in beautiful detailed scratchboard of black and white.  The title "Fill in the Blanks". Framed and the price for this framed  masterwork -$300.00.
  If you haven't seen the show or happen to be passing through the Portland Oregon area,  check out the Globe at (link)

Well in the last couple of weeks that have happened between June and July I have been fortunate enough to have been contracted for a couple commissions. 
The first is still in the works but is moving forword for some  friends I know.  Sorry that is about much as I can say about this illustration.
  Next on the docket is a  scratchboard piece.  It is entitled "Reading to Run" 11"X14".     This beauty retailed in at $150.00.
This had to be one of my better pieces I have done.  As my friend Lynn Peterson said (to paraphrase her father) Nice and sinister...('the plot sickens' ).


Well Jason and I have decided that this story will be printed under comic banner of "WIERD ATOMIC TALES". 

  Now as may have noticed I have been doing a lot of Fantasy influenced art for Vega lately and I realized that all the stories I have for the Man of the Future have been plotted out till the end of the series.  With that being said I didn't want to let this character go  so I started to develop the Paraelle time line of Lost World for Vega and company.
Just wanted to put a different spin on the mythology of the Vega Universe with "A World not of his making.".  I personally love that line.   

It was a title that I was messing around with and sounded like a good jumping off point for this crossover.   Work started this weekend on the finished inked pages.  Hopefully my inking skills are up to this task- just kidding.  I am totally looking forword to this. 
Jason and I both agree that we don't want this book to look half assed in any way so when its done, it looks right.

So a very busy summer for the kid.     
And I am out of here.

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