Sunday, November 30, 2008

More things lining up for April next year.

Well as updates go this is a major one for Black Box Comix. Having tables at the Stumptown Comics Fest is and has been a major part of how and why Black Box Comix is going. Ever since Scott Allie of Dark Horse had told me about it back in 2005 in Eugene I had wanted to break out of the Eugene area and into something bigger. Well PDX is hella bigger than Eugene will ever be and it definitely is a much more engaging crowd.
By next month I should receive confirmation that we'll be in it- a nice kind of way to end the year as far as I am concerned.
The color work for Johnny Vega #3 is progressing quite nicely so far. I am hoping to have work completed by end of the next
month. Again another nice way of ending the year.
The personal debate about how the collected work of Pandora's Garage I think is now at end but I still have the layout to work on after I get the two projects out of the way for Stumptown. and if you're currious about the show check out place.

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