Sunday, December 7, 2008

Re-orders are here

One of the things that has been happening is that I have been working on getting the images of the books that I have worked on in the past listed on the Black Box Comix website.
Well the wonderful thing about pod (print on demand) is that you never have a huge amount of stock to ever really worry about but when you sell that last issue it always happens that somebody else wants a copy.

It's just the layout of the land I guess.

Good news is that Black Box Comix has in it's possession re-ordered books from Ka-Blam. This i s a good thing as I am currently getting things ready for a big show in April. Unfortunately we won’t be heading up to Seattle next year as it was such a abysmal return on anything except from Chuck Messinger and his Comics Evolution store.

That was our only good return from the show.
Everything else well... coulda been better.
I have just received that Ka-Blam had has gotten my upcoming issue of Pandora’s Garage Volume 5 and have sent me a digital PDF proof copy to check.
Looking good.
One out of three down, two more to go.

And our email:

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