Friday, November 28, 2008

Another book off to the races!

Yeah, I had managed to get another black and white sent off to the printers day before yesterday but it won't be delivered until today. I'll have to wait about a week before I know if it made it or not but since my big show doesn't happen until April of next year, I shouldn't have to wait to long.
Next on the list of books to do is the third color Johnny Vega book and then the mini which I have already posted about.
My only other task is make a rotating slideshow of the comic book work with picked out images of the books and burn them so people could just drop in a CD instead of picking up a business card. I think the way things are going right now I think that would be the best way to go about selling and promoting the books at a show.
A lot of these new artists and writers are pretty technically hip with all the developments that are coming down the pike for making comics.
I just hope to lead by example and make a name for myself and my company.

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