Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Art on the Way

Well there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
New images for volume 5 of Pandora's Garage. It was about time for another issue to be put together and since my other art partner has gotten back to me on some the topics of putting together another issue I decided like I did for the Volume 3 that I would make this an Alan Bennett issue.
Page count is a pain in the ass for everybody, especially when you are the one laying out a new book and realize "Ah jeez! I need more pages. Well this couldn't be more true than with the fifth volume and with the last black and white installment of Johnny Vega.
Printing up four pages just to complete the original story would have been a major let down and honestly I didn't like the way I had finished that story line in the first place. It seemed to rushed when, in fact, you should savor the final chapter of a book or the last few minute of a good movie.
So I added seven new pages to round out the rest of the story. Eventually this story will be reprinted but in a entirely different format, digital color like the color Johnny Vega books out right now. The other thing is that Johnny Vega is that these stories will be printed in chronological sequence as to jumping back and forth over the different periods in Johnny's life.

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