Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pandora's Garage Vol. 5: UPDATE

The nearly finished "classic" pose of good V.S. evil. Guess who comes out on top in this one? This is page 34 out of a 36 page black and white and will probably be Johnny Vega last black and white outside of a sketchbook. I am looking at the possibly of making this into a painting and it will digitally re-done for the color comic. The chronology of Johnny Vega - Man of the Future is looking pretty damn good.
As to the the black and white itself, Pandora’s Garage volume 5 will be the last one that I put together until my other partner Dan Barton comes through with his story.
HOWEVER there are still stories that only a black and white can do justice to- a horror title. This has been something that my friend and my editor have toying around with over the last couple days or so. Halloween is just around the corner but I don’t think that I would have anything ready for that just yet, maybe next year.
I think that could be real fun.

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