Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Work begins-part two

Work moves forward for the Box as the second issue of Johnny Vega now has arrived. As I have looked at it and the viewed the digital proof which I can only think is a way to save on paper to make sure everything is prefect. Well I like to think that any one of the books can stand on it’s own. Yes there are mistakes in each one of them I kinda like to think that they are like the mis woven threads in a Native American rug. The imperfections for rug show that we are not gods but mortal.
I seldom start writing philosophical for the blogs, I usually let the books do that for me because nobody wants to be preached at, especially from a comic book writer and artist.
But observation is what drives the art.
Transfers for both Misguided and the new additions for Johnny Vega, both slated for Pandora’s Garage Volume 5 are looking good. It is only working on Johnny that I am trying to go backwards capturing the flavor of the story that I worked on years ago. So far it’s been pretty cool.

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