Saturday, April 5, 2008

New things from Black Box Comix

Well things are going well for the kid here as I continue to throw out the virtual net known to all as "The Internet". Such an amazing thing of work. Now if I can generate sale from it. I was talking to my web designer friend of mine that says that he'll be working on get the updated Black Box Comix website up before I go up to Portland at the end of this month.
Since he quit his job, he is working on getting the material up and running so this site and a couple of others would start connecting with several new, and potentially new comic collectors of my work. Years ago, I would never thought about this being the way I would do things but life has and is changing that. I'm happy about that.
These are some of the other

The two images are one of Johnny and Jade. She is actually the last person Johnny will be involved with as time and this character grows. The other image is that page 1 issue #2 of Johnny Vega, Man of the Future. This is a preliminary page as the editing on the book hasn't happened yet but I can tell you this that issues three and four have already been laid out and are awaiting the editing touches of L. Rowan Watson.

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