Friday, February 29, 2008

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Here is the happy couple of Jade Delta and Johnny Vega. Jade has been around nearly as long as Johnny himself only a couple chapters behind his first appearance in Guilded Edges #6 back 2002 or '03. But the time of her creation I wasn't sure how to go about making her his ulimate companion and wife (eventuallly). She is modled after the orginal "Invaders From Mars" Surpreme Intelligence. But she has a body now as opposted to the bubble surrounded floating head.
She has been one of the most interesting character to come up with over the years. Still somewhat alien yet at the same time sexy and alluring. But once I realized that Captian Kirk had a thing about green skined Orion Slave Girls (as did Captian Pike) she had to be green. Even her name reflected this.
The funny thing about Jade is this she was orginally created first before Jd'rel ever came to be but she is the last to enter Johnny's life as my story arc of this charater begins and ends.
A little blurb about Johnny Vega, Man of the Future. In his chronology, Johnny is a limited maxi series. I know that sounds a little weird but let me explane.
One thing that is explaned in the very first issue of " Johnny Vega -in color!" is that many comic book charaters never have a end in sight. That dives many comic book collectors crazy. If you think about it, you really can't have a collection if it on going can you? I mean, you will have a protion of that series but the character continues on. And the biggest issue with this is you will see a great story and great artwork married together in one piece of work but when that story comes to a end the character still remains (usally unchanged by the events of the story). But big buisneess are tied to keep a character going as long as they can so they use "filler stories" with mediocre story material and usally crap art.
With that being said, I decided to follow suit after Dark Horse Comics began to publish "B.R.P.D.", a Hellboy tie in series. Each group of books are small story arc onto itself. Then there is a break in the story for a breather and then within about a month or two another story arc is presented and usally with the same writter and artist.
This means that this character will end eventually but not just yet.

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