Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Images of upcoming Projects

Well since blogger is letting me post images as well as actual blogging I thought I might as well be posting new material. Black Box Comix was started off late 2005 and unveiled it's first comic compulation of Guilded Edges - Johnny Vega: A Stumptown Mini Special. The book was so named after a former comic book group that I was working with in Eugene Oregon as Stumptown which is a local comic book event in Portland Oregon.
As with all printing and other outside forces that format comic books and the way real life has a tendency to throw you a curve every once in a while Black Box Comix has come out of that.
I am fortuantely been luck to have built up a substanacial amount of work for any artistic portfolio could ask for. And at this time shows no slowling down. The main thrust of comic porjects that we are currently working on is Pandora's Garage Volume 4 and our first full color comic Johnny Vega -in color. I thought it was aptly named as well giving the book a past ambience that new comics and indipendant comic books just don't seem to have anymore or the consisentcy of story and artwork to boot.
Johnny is my baby and he seems to mainstay of my work. A good tip of the hat to the older comics of the EC days along with a good dose of classic sci-fi refences of many, many tv shows and movies.
In a way I find that the internet is giving new life to the pulps of old and there are certian niches that anyone can fit into and i for one hope to find one.
You can always contact us at or check us out at We also have a website at (that is going to be under some construction here in the next couple of months).

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