Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Images from the Johnny Vega Universe!

Here is the sensual love of Johnny Vega's life. This is Jd'rel and she is a Bascearian. Obviously from a cat like race. And the name if anybody cares comes from Bast. Having affinity for cats of all kinds I thought it would be kinda cool as Johnny evolves as a character that he could would have several different parts to his life. Johnny Vega -in color! #1 is coming out soon and begins his carrier as a young Galactic Space Ranger. There will be three desintive phases of his life and all will be denoted by a hair style. I won't go into that just yet but I will as time goes on.
So for the time being enjoy!


Angela said...

Dude,I LOVE her. She's hot!!

black box comix said...

Thanks. I am hoping that we'll see more of her ( ah yeah that's right I said it) of her in the future. The question was always how far to I go with it? That's the question I am asking myself currently.