Sunday, June 19, 2011

BBC Update 6/19/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:


The work continues on phase 2.  A few Minor set backs have held the book in check as the cross over enters its third week of June.   
   This in of itself is a major thing.  With the. layout and tight pencils and the lettering complete, now comes the fun time with editor.  Refinement.
  But the work is looking good and coming together.  The aim is have this book ready for the Second Jet City show this September.
  Jason and I are both looking to seeing this book completed.


Well as Vega begins his tour of Alternate Universes (I.E. Crossovers with Darkslinger Comics , NEOtrash. Comix), Johnny swings back into his own Universe with that little known thing called an ORIGIN!
  Yep you heard it here first!  In the ol' Condo of Concepts (Mr. Green take a bow) Johnny's origin can be told as it should.  After working on this character for over a little ten years.    It is about time for this character to get origin he deserves.  Like so much of the old black and white Johnny work he kinda started off in the middle of career.  But in keeping with the campiness of stories I loved as a kid I kept that feeling alive with "Humble Beginnings" as well as with the immediate follow up "All Tomorrows Parties". 
  It should also be fun.

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