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BBC blog Update 6/12/11

Images of the crossover pages 23 and 24

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Phase 2 now in it's last couple Pages the book begins to move into Phase 3 - editing.  LIke so many projects the questions always remain-where can we trim the fat to make the book accessible for readers.
As a creative individual I write and draw for myself and what I would like to see out there since it isn't being done.  FEAR Agent is about as close as it gets to what I'm doing with Vega with Green Lantern Corps.  Mixed with Flash Gordon.
  But back to the story-  with the editing.  Sometimes before a work is complete I like to know how much art I'm going to have to produce as opposed to how much art will be covered up by text & word balloons.  Time is valuable when it comes to this.  In talking to another artist buddy of mine Dan DePaulo from NEOtrash Comix confirmed this thought.  To a guy like me when you're working a regular 9-5 kinda job and then working on the side- art can become daunting.
  But if you want that stuff out there you got to put in the time.
   With that being said -

Image Rough Pencil with Computer Color Underlays from Johnny Vega "All Tomorrow's Parties"

  The rough script has been translated into several pages of layouts for both Vega's Origin story "Humble Beginnings" and the immediate follow up "All Tomorrow's Parties".  Of course editing must take place and I think that as the help from Kat Meyers of Darkslinger Comics (trademarked Adam Watson 2011. ) she might be over inundated with tons of Vega material.
   But this character has a future I feel otherwise I wouldn't have been working on him for over a decade.
  Weird to think it's been that long.  Anyway lots of new exciting things for the Man of the Future. 

Images from Johnny Vega "Humble Beginnings" Part 1. Layout pages 1-8

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