Monday, April 4, 2011

In Memorandum to Ty Wakefeild

Well sports fans, Al here to bring you up on the latest news.

A hero was lost yesterday in the state of Idaho. His name was Ty Wakefeild, and he was a friend of mine.
As my association with several people in the comics community I have been introduced to quiet a lot of people that have left a impression on me some have been other creators working for both the big three at the time (Marvel, DC and Dark Horse), others working for them selves and the smattering of people who like to rub shoulders with the creative types.
My awareness of Ty first came through a mutual friend of ours, Adam Watson of Darkslinger Comics.
A business minded man with a charisma to match. And when Adam told me that this guy was like a brother to him I wondered if the world could handle that much power. I mean after all I had told Adam once that if there was a apocalypse it would avoid him because he was Adam Watson.
When I met Ty he and Adam and Paul (Adam's Brother in Law) had been invited to have dinner at a place that I had been living for about less than a year. We had a good time but by the end of the night he had to take off to get ready to head back to Lewiston Idaho.
I had wished he had more time to hang out.
He had told me of his character named Captain Cure based upon his own experience dealing with cancer and to give hope to children who shared the same affliction. A non profit book. What a fantastic idea. No one was tackling this kind issue
I had my chance a few months later heading over to hang out during the year of shows over in Spokane. Yes, the weather was hot and humid but Ty hospitality and opening his house as well as the food he had prepared was a real sign of his character. The following day a trek to Spokane.
We were all kind squished together into a small table and had a blast.
When it came right down to it, when Adam told me that Ty was going to be in the area or someplace moderately with traveling distance I went.
We always had a good repose with each other.
We all have our own personal issues that we share with each other in the hopes that something might be resolved out it. With Ty he resolved this by sharing it with his readership and making his own company Alternate Reality the spear point with dealing with Sarcoma. He fought and fought. Showing that there was reason to fight to live by giving children a personification of this disease that was eating away at them from within. And that within each of them was a hero like Captain Cure.
I will say that when another creator like Ty asks you to do a commissioned piece for him. To me, to render his character was a big deal. For him I tried my best to make sure I adhered to the character I had seen. I think I did a pretty good job. I never took a payment for it either. He was my friend.
I was not as fortunate to be able to see him on Adam's last trip to Lewiston. But I do know that if I could have gone I would have.
I may not have had chance to know him for a long time and like some others but I feel like I had gotten my chance to.
Rest well buddy.
Your presence will be missed.

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