Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's New for the Box 8/22

It has been a strange year here for the Box and it shows no sign of letting up either. As you have been reading up, Johnny Vega has been on a indefinite hold for several months. this was never my intention but life and other smaller projects took on a life of their own that I wasn’t ready for when I came up with them. This means Corpse Cop.
I’m sure that people are wanting to know why if any new books are EVER going to be printed with Black Box’s predominate space hero?
Well the answer is yes.
After talking to my new editors it has been made clear to really show Johnny from the beginning of his career.
This means his birth to his entry to the Rangers as a cadet. And how he has to fight his way working to the top student hierarchy before getting tapped to be trained by the legendary Captain Ix Triskelion.
Most heroes always have humble beginnings (at least in my opinion they do) and Vega is no different.
This character means a lot to me and has been around for ten years. That's a long time to be working on one character but it does one thing that I like, it makes things constant through out the run of Vega. The other is that it makes working on him fresh and that is a major thing for an artist and creator.

the 16 page scratchboard epic is nearly complete at this time meaning that a new mini is under development and a October show is in the works for a small few places here in the Portland area.

Good stuff!

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