Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Grand Opening

One of the few things that I like when I have the chance is to check out a new comic shop that I never have been to. And Especially when you have been invited to show and sell your artwork in the process.
Yes, it is like taking candy from a baby but art whores are always gunning for the best way to get (easy) money back for their work. Today will be no different.
I would imagine that a comic shop would be like a street corner for vendors (whores) and collectors (the johns).
Of course I am sure that not everyone is in agreement about this but oh well, don’t be so damn touchy.
But again hanging out in a comic shop and being a nerd is always fun. And if I make some sales in the process of even better, that's what I am hoping for.
That’s what any real creator is looking to do and have people buy and laud over your work.
I am keeping my fingers crossed today.

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