Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Pages

New pages. Always something cool to look at but hard to stay on track when you are work and slaving away at a nine to five kinda job. Kinda sucks but I have heard that a lot of indy companies do exactly that. So may be I am not in the wrong business after all. But since completing the commission piece of scratchboard art for Ty, it was back to the digital drawing pad and monitor (and hot freakin’ weather) to get this little bugger off to the printer so I can focus on two other projects of scratchboard for Darkslinger Comics and Manga sized collection of Pandora’s Garage Volumes 1-5.
When those two are done then it’s on to issue four.
With that being said I believe that there will another change coming around which will in our editorial staff as well.
Adam Watson from Darkslinger Comics has said he would step into the shoes as editor for Black Box Comix as well as Darkslinger.
We thank him for this.
So here you are with some of the latest addendum's to Johnny.

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