Sunday, February 20, 2011

New books for purchase

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Johnny Vega #4 “The Rock Apes of Xandar- the conclusion” is finally done and ready for your purchase here at
In this issue Vega and the rest of the ranger cadets go in a all out assault upon the raider stronghold. Two planetary races depending on the success of the rangers. In one final confrontation between Vega and the Raider Alpha Captain takes place with unforeseen consequences. Has the Man of the Future survived? Find out in “The Rock Apes of Xandar - the Conclusion”

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And for the other
Corpse Cop “Corpsecile”
There is no stopping the on coming Zombie Apocalypse or is there? Corpse Cop is on his way to the north to put and end to sudden zombie outbreak or the beginning of it’s start?
Find out in Corpse Cop....the last word in the undead!

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March Shows:

And it is about time too as the ECCC show creeps ever closer in about a week and half now ( Black Box Comix along with the guys from NEOtrash Comix will be heading up to Seattle to hock our wares to those happy comic collecting people who are looking for something new to buy and read.
It will be a fun time to had by all based upon from our last years experience at the show.
And with a booth as opposed to an artist alley table well will be able to isolate ourselves from the rest of the pack.
Stop by table 410 on the map and say hi to us and the rest of the gang.
Here is to keeping our fingers crossed for a successful show.

King of Crossovers: A Tale of Two Jo(h)nnys

The work continues of this masterpiece of mayhem (is it a good thing that I am listening to Fight Club?).
Work is a little slowed as preparations for the ECCC show take the lead but be assured that this book will be done this year.

And that is it for the kid and I am outta here!

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