Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's all in the coffee!

Parallel Team Up ROUGH CUT! As there is no team up books these days I, Alan Bennett of Black Box Comix have dubbed myself King of the Crossovers! In true old school Marvel Fashion I decided to work on a few ideas at the end of last year and the Crossover that has been worked on my me and my friend Adam Watson of Darkslinger and the current crossover of Tale of Two Jo(h)nnys with Jason Z. Pott of NEOtrash Comix I have a hankering for another.
Then my friend Ben Perkins (who is a god of painting LARGE SCALE) had to hit me with a character he calls Heavy Horse. And then it hit me while we were both raving why don’t we work on a crossover.
Damn before I knew it, there I was banging away on keypads of my PVA at work writing whatever came out of my head for a story.
This image is of Heavy and Corrax: The Seeker working to topple a tripod complete with a floating brain inside!
You can’t beat that! I love that stuff!
Next for images is a Corpse Cop pic that I am working on for press.
Looking good for the first of the year!

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janniethestrange said...

Love the "family portrait", man! As always, Johnny and Co ROCKS!