Friday, October 22, 2010

A small excerpt for Corrax: The Seeker

With all the talk about Corrax: The Seeker going on it only made sense that I would post something of the script (though extremely rough) along with two images from the 2nd installment of that character.
To put this in context of what is going on you have to understand that Corrax and Shedel have been sent out on a mission to investigate a mysterious group of deaths. But traveling to this place is frought with several things and people that aren't what they seem. The Pit Chief is one such person:
Shedel " So you like setting up your fellow Rangers for a fall?  Nice.   I hope you sleep well at night with that in your mind."
Chief "Don't tell me how to feel missy.    I went into this with my eyes wide open and sleep very well thank you."
Corrax thinking That's when things got a little crazy.  I don't remember if it was me thinking it or the ax but it literally flew out of my hand and hit the chief square in the chest.

And there you go a small bit for a feather covered hero!
It was fun working on something like this so far down the road but every once in a while you just gotta go for it.

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