Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Art of issue #3 of Johnny Vega

Work on issue #3 is coming along pretty good all things considered as it’s pretty much a one man show here at Black Box Comix.
Issue three’s pages have taken longer to make because they have grown in depth of characters and the backgrounds of the comic.
This is not a bad thing though. When Mark Schultz was printing up Xenzoic Tales it took months for another issue to come out then it the year mark and then where is it at?
I don’t want to get to that point but I don’t want the readership if feel jipped because I was taking so long with the work.
Page 20 is at 1/4th done and looks like it could be done as early as this thursday night.
If that happens, onto the next page.
In about three weeks time, I will be traveling up to Washington State for a Charity Event. I haven’t quite picked out what I want to go out but I’ll find something.

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