Friday, January 23, 2009

Contemplation and Fans

The new book is coming together but now is the time to think, do I need to rush to get the book done or do the book right?
As a publisher I can understand that I need to be able to bring new material out on a regular basis and the Stumptown show is just a perfect way of doing that. But I do know that I have had some books that I have put together have suffered a artistically just to get the product out.
It’s a tough call when you have promised a lot and not quite begin able to deliver but things haven’t gotten to this point yet.
So take a look at what I have currently and know that I have two other pages that are nearly done since I made these jpegs.
I’ll be posting later.

One another note-Getting new young fans.
Last night was one of those kinda days when you are sitting back and watching tv and suddenly, you are barraged by questions about comics. Well anytime is a good time to talk about comics - especially if there are mine.
Two kids named Colin and Donovan came over last night as their mother was getting here hair done by one of my two roommates, Drake.
We had been talking and we got on the subject of the comic books that I had done.
Well this is fun for me because they had several questions that I answered with what seemed like a reasonable response.
Colin is 12 and Donovan just about 10- or so as he tells me.
This was about the time I started getting into comic books when I was a kid. Hopefully the first issue of Johnny Vega will bring them back for another.
Through the characters I hope I can influence them in a positive way.
I keep my fingers crossed.

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