Sunday, October 16, 2011

BBC Update 10/16/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

October begins to move the center of the month ending with HALLOWEEN! 
It is my favorite part of the year and my favorite non holiday when you could be anyone you wanted to be.  A spirit, a historical figure or movie star. 
Though I have been a few people who have dressed up as a concept rather than a person or monster.  Although I find this clever,  I like monsters!
  Anyway if Halloween could happen all year round,  I would be a happy camper.

Another commission completed early this week moving onto the next.  A tattoo design.    Onward to a Fallmen sticker design and a private "Joker Pencil Trick" Illustration.  It has been pretty cool with these and between Gallery work.


As you can see more secular pieces of work are coming down the pike and I don't plan to stop anytime soon.  And the rendering is getting better and better.  This latest batch of work is for friends.  Not necessarily  something for Christmas Presents but a "thank you for your support".
Now there a lot of people who like my work and have said that would buy it if they had the money for it.  And these people are my friends.  But the presents I am illustrating are more for people who have been around durring times that have been very challenging for me.  My artistic ablity is a way of showing my thank you.

Friday, October 7, 2011

BBC Update 10/9/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

THE BIG 200 SHOW, 2011:

Now you have heard me talk about the BIG 100 Show of last year with four out of five 8"X8" scratchboard pieces being sold again giving validation  to the work which was not a fluke after the commissions from the Fallmen from previous year.
Before the end of this  year 20 pieces of art alone for gallery work (not counting the commissions or the comic pages) were completed.
Not bad for a guy working a  9 to 5 kinda job. 
Now its to see if I can begin to make a living doing what I love to do.


  Well the crossover continues with a looming deadline.  I knew that once I had the script in hand from Jason I knew I would have  to out the best work I could.  And that is happening right now.  Here is a few updated pages of this book.

  In working closely with the guys from NEOtrash Comix, the one thing that has been said is that it rocks when you have something new to show at the Table for a particular show.  Nothing is truer than that!    With the brown bag P.F.B.  Proved that at this years Jet City show in Seattle. 
  Well the first on  deck will be the War Ram mini.  It was unfortunate that this  project never made it out to the shows this year but it doesn't mean I stopped doing them.  Ah hell no.  Those little books do well for me.   
  The second book on deck is a collected book of scratchboard illustrations from the last two years.  It is tentatively called Scratch Pad. 
This volume would hold all the images of last years images from the BIG 100 and this years BIG 200 + the smaller images from the last couple comic book shows.
  I think it would be a great calling card as a friend of mine told me a couple weeks ago.
  I think she was right about that. 
  At the beginning of the year there is another Corpse Cop book in the works that includes a new scratchboard rendition of the original Corpse  Cop mini story AND a brand new 12 page story of "Arctic Wolf". 
Things are picking up with scratchboard as well as the commissions as well.  But first on the list, Scratchboard. Lots of scratchboard work to be had.  

  As with any main character arc, Vega is looking at the possibility of change.  Just compare the original black and white character of ten years ago to the character in the color comics of today. 
Big changes.    Now the Origin Story.  Y'know the one that sets everything in motion.  Of course I won't pull a George. Lucas Maneuver and literally "remarking"  my beloved character.  No, I won't do that but I am planning on putting a spin on the classic space opera hero.  Flash Gordon was my templet now it was time to improve on that.
  He won't have Midi-chlorians to tell you who is imbued with the force but there might be a dark side to Johnny that we haven't seen yet.  It goes to the core what a hero is.  A perfect man is boring An imperfect character is much more interesting.
  And there you have it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

BBC Update 10/2/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with latest:

Well this is the beingging of a momentious month and after a one week after the successful show of Jet City last week.
This week the show of the 88 STRONG came in. My work along with two other of my friends Dan DePaulo and Tony Morgan shared the space with 88 other artists in the list.

It was a great turn out with beer and spirits being inbibed and art being bought. I have no idea if any of my peices sold but I no matter I made an impression upon the curators of the show by being one the first to have my art ready to go for the show.
I think that says a lot about my ablity to illustrate as well as paint.
And I took that drive with the following art that I have been producing to heart with the other show that I had been invited to participate in, the BIG 200 at the People’s Art of Portland’s Gallery

With this gallery work completed, things are moving forword with the crossover well as another page rolls away from the drafting table and is scanned for conversion. The goal is to have the book completed by Halloween. But I cansay this with certianity thaqt the crossover of Werid Atomic Tales will be ready by the time E.C.C.C. comes around.
Of course the only thing that could hold up my time table is a commision of some type and fortunately (or unfortunately however you look at it) could put out production work out of wack.
I just hope that this doesn’t happen.

Sunday, September 25, 2011



One word could describe the show - GREAT!

I had a great time being there talking to people being a fan boy even after all these years and selling comics. Vega had a little interest but I realize that I just need to make some books with VERY EYE CATCHING graphics. A little scratchboard might help out with that like the painted covers I have seen being placed on traditional drawn comics. OR go for a total revamp of the Johnny Logo I have been using for the last 5 years. We’ll see- it will be soon to experiment!
Aside from a minor muscle pull in the back loading in the set up went off without a hitch. easy and the fact the table was on a main drag even better. At least we didn’t have the blaring trumpet of revelry going off like we had at the Emerald City Comic Con early this year.

This was a show strictly for comics and as we had only one name marquee entertainer of William Katt of “The Greatest American Hero” fame there as compared to many of the entertainers that have been funneling into Seattle for Comcon.
Though I will say there were a few die hard fans there in costume that were there supporting Katt. Good for them.
The Cross Pollination of entertainment never works well from a indie creators point of view because you get squeezed out of the shows eventually with huge colorful signs and flashing lights and bells and whistles. For anyone who knows - that has already happened down south in San Diego ComCon.
I could say that the only thing that kinda bugged me, and I said kinda bugged me, was the small remote controlled robot across the way that would roll out into the walk way to literally stop people and force them to look around who was controlling it and walk around.
I’ve seen this kind of sales tactic played from a lot of people over the years, I don’t usually see them them the following year. Of course I had to laugh as someone actually knocked the robot over! That was funny (and just)!
And what kind of praise I can give Mr. Jason Z. Pott? A lot, thank you very much sir. Jason and I roughly about the same age which is not the same as dirt by the way. We had a lot to talk about and got our “geek on” talking about all things comics, movies, directors, some politics and minor personal stuff. But not a boring moment.
I think at one time during a lull at the show I busted out “Honey Badger” on my youtube connection and made him laugh. If you have not seen the Honey Badger you should . It’s not unlike when I traveled to shows with Adam Watson and did the same thing. If you look like your enjoying yourself at the show and people see it, they are going to feel like they want to get in on the joke and come up to your table. Humor is infectious.
There are times at every show that the fanboy comes out of the creators. It is always there no matter how you want to downplay it. My meeting with Dan Brereton, Creator of the Nocturnals, was like that as I had him sign my hardbound edition the of "the Dark Forever and Other Tales". If you aren't familiar with his work, you should go to your local comic shop and at least pick up one of his books to look at. Fantastic artwork. Talking to him about some of his other projects like "Giant Killer" series from DC was a topic that I asked him about if he would be doing anymore with that character and the like with his other creator owned properties. Even a professional of his caliber had the same problems as the rest of us indies. Just a dude selling his stuff. I traded him a Corpse Cop "Corpsecile" book to say thanks and he gave me a Red Sonja book that he had done for Dynamite Entertainment. Pretty cool.
Also giving friends some art. Now true sometimes as an artist work piles up and this is true of anything you hold onto. I would say that the pages of Corpse Cop “Corpsecile” story were given to people whom I thought could really like and appreciate the work so I gave away three pages of the story to Amy Riddle, her husband Brain Meredith and Ron McCain for being good friends at previous shows and current.

Jason’s sales of the “Pig Fucker Blues” outdid everything else at the table -especially the books in the brown bags. I think the funniest moment was when Ashley Cook of Giant Fire Breathing Robot (I love that title!) was on the fence about whether or not to pick up the collected Brass Knuckles Rituals or P.F.B. When she went with that book I think it shocked Jason. And my little “War Ram” was also picked up. But when it was found that there was mar on the surface of the piece I said “Give it here, I’ll fix it.” And I did.
The cockiness of an artist who says that about fixing a scratchboard and actually making the piece better than it was before- that’s pretty cool.
So all in all, lots of favorable responses for all the books and several cool people to talk to.


The piece known as Corrax: The Seeker went up for sale at the Po’boy Art and Frame Shop in the artists Appreciation party @ Po Boy Art for the 88 STRONG show coming up next week

And that's it and back to the drawing board for gallery work and the crossover.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BBC Update 9/20/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:


As Jet City Comic book show fast approaches, work continues on this great crossover.  Inking and penciling background details continue on a regular pace.  I am hoping by the Halloween rolls around that the book will be completed.    But I will add this tid bit.  This work will eventually see color.  And presented in the chronology of Johnny Vega. 
This is an exciting time for Vega (and me) as his true origin has been written down and laid out with good ol' Postits.
My game plan is by the time the crossover is completed and gallery work is in it's selected shows,  the whole Johnny Vega run will be  not only plotted out but laid out as well.
This is ambitious plan but I think it merits the character.  I mean seriously when you think about it Vega has in fact been in three different cross overs over the years (The Glass Rhino Red Book-an ashcan, The Ghost Assassin/Johnny Vega Crossover with Darkslinger Comics and Tale of Two Jo(h)nnys with NEOtrash Comix). 
What's this say about this space ranger?
He may not have the marquee value of say of Corpse Cop but he does have staying power, like no other character I have ever worked on before.
I will keep you updated on his progress.


Well by the time you read this blurb the 88 STRONG Show should be within a few days.  A grand event of Portland Oregon's artists showing off theIr diverse interpretation of 88 different theme terms.  Of those picked
“Cowboys & Aliens” - two of them.  “F€$%ing Blazers”, “Earthquake”, ”Noose or Necktie”, “Bikers”,  “Fiend or Polio” and “China”.
at OR their Facebook profile
In the month of November The BIG 100 will take place.  Of this you have seen Braincage,  Cowboys & Aliens2, Faries, With this I Could..., World on Fire. 
These are five of Ten I have currently competed.  Another five are on there way.  When I ran into one of the. Curators of the BIG 100 he was surprised that I had so many pieces already done.  But since no one else does scratchboard work like moi,  it was time to set myself away from the rest of the pack.
But I will let you be the judge of the work.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

BBC Update 9/04/11

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Well with a small break in the inking and pencil transfers for the Ultimate crossover for Weird Atomic Tales painting took center stage and cranked out a hard 8 acrylic painting for the upcoming 88 STRONG show taking place later this month.
Now the funny thing is that same guys who earlier this year put on the PORTLAND LOVE SHOW 2011 and after the BIG 100 so one part of the yea is usually filled with a lot of gallery work. 
But a friend of mine named Joel Barber has offered a place at the GLOBE for a Monster themed show.  Now doing some types of monsters are easy (Werewolves in particular) zombies.  Corpse Cop comes to mind in this.
But of course when I am working on a monster it gotta be and look serious.  Like this SOB could mess you up in a real bad way.
With that we'll see what comes out of this twisted mind of mine.


Now even though the book is not done for Jet City Comic Book Show 2,  I believe it will be ready by the time ECCC 2012 rolls around. Take a look at a few of these pages and gage what this monster is gonna look like when it is done!


Well it looks like this is still going on with smaller pieces of art being produced for tattoo designs and stickers.
One tattoo design has more or less been asked of me to add my artistic embellishment to it. 
The other is a design to incorporate a surgery scar into the design without making it looking like some reed growing out of the buttcrack. 
The last on the docket is a sticker design for the FALLMEN.


Well with the painting finished with the 88 STRONG Show there is still a urge to continue working with paint. Now I had planned about 6 years ago to start painting but other art projects like creating and plotting Vega had side stepped me to finish those stories and print up the Eugene Comics Guild books titled Guilded Edges and Pandora’s Garage. I had purchased a couple of canvases but never finished them up. Well it looked like it was time to bust out the canvas again. Color used to frighten me but not any longer. And the size either. I have dealt with the size issue. I still will work small when I am plotting out pages for books but they will be enlarged when I have to and the same is true of painting as well as any of the scratchboard work I have.
Ambitious? You bet. But you can’t be a great artist if you never try.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A month out but back now.

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:


The art continues but doubt of making it to print by the time Jet City Comic Book show rolls around, I do not think I could have a completed piece of work that would be to both Jason's and my liking.  That book deserves to have the best possible look.
We have waited this far just a little longer for the books release.
It will be work it, trust me.


One of the hardest types of artwork to do and create is a piece for friends.  And even more so for friends who also play DnD.  And have been a former DnD'er I know how particular players are when it comes to visual renditions of their characters. 
SO this was a daunting task for me to take on.
But as the my birthday approached I was able to bulldog my way through to a finished piece that I was happy with.
The funny thing is that in the last 15 years that I had been associated with this particular group of friends (whom I would call my family in a way) I had done other images of older characters in the game campaign. 
So really this was not something that was new to me but my artistic style had grown and I was being paid for this so that put a different spin on things in a big way.
But it is done and of course one image opens into others as now I have another commission for a sticker coming up for the FALLMEN again which is about the most steady commission work I got going for myself.  But it also opened up the possibility for other work another band as well.    So we'll see where that goes.
The Reading on the run here is with the proud owner of the scratchboard hanging on the wall. I love seeing people with the work that they have purchased. It makes me proud and validates the work.


  Work has increased as the deadline looms away for about two weeks. I should have no problem with that but the following month in October the BIG 100 we’ll see what happens.